Mad King Ludwig & Mojo Co.

With the spirit and inventive momentum of a Steinway grand piano hurtling down a busy inner-city intersection and all of the primitive fun-loving elation of a group of primates throwing bananas at a wall, Mad King Ludwig & the Mojo Co. are a an exciting prospect. Their style is a combination of many, from urban Funk to rural Blues, late-night highway Alternative to sun-bathed, beach-bound Reggae, but could perhaps best be described via the invention of a new term – ‘Freak-Bop’. Fronted by the former Bavarian monarch Mad King Ludwig, a nymph-like thing of a man with a voice like a brooding Tom Waits, on vocals and saxophone, the Mojo Co. is comprised of a group of highly talented multi-instrumentalists. As individual musicians, they have already garnered much attention and respect on the Southampton scene, and now set out as one to impart their collective message of music, spontaneity and unadulterated good times across the UK and beyond.
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