MO WOODS & The Mo Woods Band

Mo Woods has over 25 years of performing experience. A Mezzo Soprano she took on her very first performance at the age of 13 and has been behind the microphone ever since. What runs through Mo’s blood is soul, blues and Jazz.

The Mo Woods Band is now over 10 years old, and was originally created as a 4 piece band. When the band returned in 2017 Mo decided it needed to be bigger & better than ever. The MWB you see today is made of 8 members (Mo Included).

The band boasts: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Duo Brass Section, Hammond with Piano, & Backing Vocals. Mo’s Very proud of the sound that’s created, its gritty, funky, soulful & full of heart and passion. The inspiration behind the sound comes from Mo’s passion for old school funk & soul women like Marva Whitey, Betty Davis, Linda Lyndell. With big expressive songs by the Isley Bro’s, The OJ’s, & Aretha Franklin. If its not funky, its not in the set. Simple.

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