St. James Tavern Tent – Blues Jam

Ever wanted to play or sing live on stage at festival? Well now you can. Join us on our very own session stage The St. James Tavern Tent. The Blues Jam is a very simple concept. Anyone who wants to play can do so if they make a donation to one of our charities. Pay a minimum £5 donation to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (who will have a stall in the tent if you need any further information) and join in. Once you’ve made your donation, your name will go onto a list which will be split into specific talents i.e. singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and keyboardists.

Your compere (Ali Hamilton) will then randomly select people who will then be invited to make up a temporary ‘band’ consisting of a guitarist, drummer, singer, etc. Then you get to go onstage to perform three blues style songs together.

The songs can be original or covers but MUST be in a 12 bar blues format, with the singer deciding the key and the tempo. Solos/guitar breaks are to be split evenly between players who wish to play a solo. Once the three songs are complete (and the thunderous applause has died down), another random band is called out and the process begins again.

This is NOT an open mic style stage and players must stick to the rules. All leads, mics, amps, drums, pedals/FX are provided and nothing but guitars and drumsticks should be brought onstage by the musicians. Please note players must use all of the equipment provided, no exceptions.

For anyone who wants to play but hasn’t brought a guitar/bass/drumsticks*, there will be ‘house equipment’ which you can use. There will always be at least two resident members of the ‘house band’ onstage at all times to keep things flowing and in order. If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us on

*Please note, any instruments are brought entirely at owners risk. AMF will not be liable for loss, damage or theft.

Why not check out the next Blues Jam at the St. James Tavern on Sunday 20th May, to get a flavour of how this all works… Find out more.