We helped buy a piano!

AMF has supported the music charity Harmony of Hope with funds raised at the festival and we’re pleased to hear that they have recently been able to buy a piano in Jordan.

Finding a piano is not easy and they are expensive but they managed to get a good discount since the original owners loved the concept of refugees being able to play the piano. They are housing it in a centre in Jebel Amman. The centre is used for a variety of projects: sewing, english lessons, guitar classes, Spanish classes and now piano lessons!

Finding the piano turned out to be the easy bit. The hardest bit was moving it. When the removal company suggested turning the piano its side and sliding it down 3 flights of stairs they were obviously shocked! In the end four very strong men carried the piano down three flights of stairs and up another two flights. In between, the piano sat on the back of an open lorry.

“Thank you so much to those generous donors who stepped in to fund this special project. We couldn’t have done it without you.”
Harmony of Hope Volunteers

For more pictures please visit Harmony of Hope website.

Harmony of Hope, a charity dedicated to bringing the healing power of music to disadvantaged young people.

Registered Charity Number 1157277 HARMONY OF HOPE